Tooth Repair in Altona Meadows

ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC offers quick and efficient tooth repair services to clients from Altona Meadows, Laverton and nearby regions.

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Tooth Repair Altona Meadows

Dental Makeover

We understand having crooked, stained, broken or missing teeth can be uncomfortable and bad for your self-confidence. At ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC we offer multiple solutions to clean and repair your teeth.

We specialise in teeth whitening, veneer application, dentures, dental implants and root canal treatment. Browse through our pages for more details.

We help you maintain a good oral health

Gentle Dental Care

ALTONA MEADOWS DENTAL CLINIC additionally offers dental services for kids. It is important to take children for dental check-ups regularly so that any dental condition can be detected and treated before it gets serious.

Take care of your child’s dental health. Book an appointment with our gentle dentist today.

Dental check-up and treatment for children

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